This artwork is based on Symmetry. Its all about the reflection of one square to another or mirroring. To add a different effect to the piece the negative/positive technique was used. Symmetry of course, played a big part because of the arrangement and sizes of the dragonfly; as well as the arrangement of the lines and triangles in this piece.

A big challenge while creating this piece was the whole arrangement, proportion of the dragonflies and where everything will be pasted. Cutting each piece was time consuming as well but with patience it was possible. I did enjoy creating this piece because I already saw how it was going to be visually so it motivated me to finish it faster.

Line design

This artwork Is called Line Designs. It consists of three things, circles, squares, triangles and lines. The idea for this project was to use one of the shapes and create a thing or motion using just one shape per box. I had to make sure that I had to give the effect or give a feeling of Gravity, Climbing, Sky, and Pushing Down. The only materials used for this piece was a pencil and a ruler.

Since this was our first project I was quite encourage and was feeling inspired. It wasn’t very challenging except for finding a way to give the feel of the word used. Another small task that made this a bit challenging was that we only had to use one shape per box. It was very simple because we didn’t have to use many materials but then we used a thin micron pen to go over and make it stand out.

Letter Shape Design Juan

This artwork is called Letter Shape Design. The instructions for this project were that i was suppose to choose a letter and a font and create a design out of it in six different boxes.  I had to do reflections, mirroring and proportionize the letter i chose which was the letter “R”. I also had to use complementary colors to paint my piece. I used Violet and Yellow and after we had to add tints of each color to each other to create a different tone. i had to incorporate two opposite colors in each square.

This was my favorite piece because I was excited about mixing colors and creating different ones. I had many challenges for this piece because because i had to do different size cut outs of the letter to be able to have them repeated. Another challenge was the color mixing because i had to get the correct tone to get it where it had to be. Overall i had so much fun doing this piece.