What is Scotch and Soda?

Scotch and Soda was founded by 24 year old entrepreneur, Laurent Hompes. In 1985, the company launched as a Mens wholesale brand in Amsterdam. The first location was parked in an alleyway. When deciding the name for his brand, Hompes was at a bar drinking a Scotch and Soda, and thus, the brands name was born.


The brands purpose is to create a space of ultimate expression, embracing the free spiritedness of
Amsterdam. “Effortlessly connecting the unexpected with expected”, the brand is heavily focused on
sustainability and
using a blend of
sustainable organic fabric and synthetic fibers.

Behind the Sewing
Machine logo

The iconic brand logo of a sewing machine amplifies the brands
focus on craftsmanship and
individuality. The intricate design within the sewing machine
celebrates the delicacy and
whimsical moments of Amsterdam

The sewing machine logo has been integrated within the apparel itself and also on their clothing hangers!
Details are apparent and an
important factor to the brands identity.

2002 Scotch and Soda Rebrands

Scotch and Soda rebranded and relaunched in 2002. Even though the brand started in 1985, it is what we know now
today because of this relaunch. The rebranding was done by three new owners who came together to create a brand like no other with their broad skills and love for apparel!

2008 Scotch & Soda shrunk!

In 2008, the brand launched new concept – Scotch & Soda Shrunk.
Inspired by their mens
collection, the brand introduced the official kids line for boys. It is literally shrinking the mens line!

2010 Maison Scotch

In 2010, Maison Scotch the official sister brand launched. Initially a Mens wholesales brand, many of the clientele were women who, weren’t shopping for their partner, sibling or father, but actually for themselves. The brand
acknowledged the universal attraction to the brand and gain further
popularity after this launch.

2011 introducing R’Belle

It didn’t take long for the brand to launch the little sister brand line of
Maison Scotch in 2011. Following an identical concept with Scotch and Soda shrunk for boys. From here the brand is complete with a men,
women’s and kids line.

2012 Perfume Launch

Barfly was launched
in 2012 as the brands
signature fragrance for Men and Women.
This beautiful amber
fragrance has notes of vanilla, musk, orange,
sandalwood, jasmine, iris, cardamon, incense and
cedar! All these notes fused together gives you

2021 Scotch and Soda Rebrands, Again

Scotch & Soda was rebranded again in 2021 and announced the launch of a new brand identity. In addition to its global
expansions, opening 15 brick –
mortar stores and 12 shops in shops. With the rebranding the iconic Scotch and Soda logo enhanced to a logo that ultimately represents free-spiritedness.

The current logo, was
renewed in March 2021. The logo embodies and embraces the symbol of identity and harmony. The craftsman ship and detail to the logo is visibly
apparent. The “S” initial is designed in a way where the tip of the letter
resembles a needle point and the diaphanous movement of a thread
attached to the needle.

Scotch and soda aims push sustainability and is it
part of their new mission for this relaunched and
rebranding. The brand uses certified
fibers that are organic (like organic cotton),
recycled, and renewable. They aim to have 70% of styles to meet their sustainability initiative.

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