I found the Cooper Hewit museum to be a very interesting and entertaining experience. I thought that the pen technology was pretty cool and the different stations were nice as well. I found the wallpaper room to be the best part of the museum and i did also like the Bob Dylan BLOWING IN THE MIND/MISTER TAMBOURINE MAN poster as well. I enjoyed this visit and i can see myself coming back again as well.

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Track 8: My Last/ Watch me work

So it’s my last day as an intern, and i felt like i learned a lot during my time at Kipliani & Co. Even  I learned how to shoot jewelry which was one thing that I have not learned in my three photography classes. I also learned how to run some parts of their online store. Such as the listing,shipping, inventory. As well as learned about different types, styles, and technical information about watches. for certain items and more. I overall say that this was a good experience and I enjoyed it. I found everybody their to be very friendly, & helpful.  The environment in my opinion was very relaxing allowing us to dress how we’d like as well as listen to music while we work. This made me feel comfortable there

Even though it was my last day as an intern, It was not my last day there at the company. They were happy with the work that I did with the so I will be working with them throughout the summer.  So for now im going to continue to do what im doing and building experience and see what else comes my way.

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Track 7: Under Pressure/ Low End Theory

So while everything has been good, at first i couldn’t help but feel under pressure. While i learned how to properly do all my task for some reason  i felt like i wasn’t doing it wrong and i took to long to finish task. But everyone there pretty much said that I was doing very well and just to keep up with what i was doing.

I started out working with the Low end watches. Watches tat ranged from about $20-40, and as time went on on i went to working with higher end watches like Michael Kors. I’ve gotten the hang of the work and i am able to work a lot more fast and efficiently

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Track 6: This is how we do it

Step 1: We get a bucket,box,or bag of about 10 or more watches that need pictures taken to be uploaded online







Step 2: We put the watches on the watch stand and put the watches in the light box. for each watch we have to make sure to take off each of the stickers & tags. and make sure to adjust the time to 11:10. so the that way both of the hands of the clock are not in the way of the brand name. And it always help to clean the watches off a bit, so that no dust or finger prints end up on the watch.s Less dust and finger prints = less work on photoshop.

20150512_123045 20150512_140023 20150512_124625 20150512_124615















Step 3: Next we attach light-box flash attachment and then we shoot pictures of the watches. We need at-least two good shots of each watch, One of the face and another of the back. Also whenever we use the light it is important to know that after every picture you have to wait about 10-15 minutes to shoot the next photo to avoid having the light-bulbs in the light box over heat and burn out.

Step 4: Photoshop, next we convert and edit the photo’s that we shot and have them ready to be uploaded







The goal is to make the watches look as if they are in a completely white background without the stand. You also want to show the detail of the watches as well.


$_57 (1) $_57


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Track 5: What It Look Like

So Kipliani and Co is a pretty small company, with about 7 employees total. It’s a jewelry store that is mainly ran online from its own website ,  as well as other online market places such as ebay,amazon, etc. While the main website is still running Arthur Kipliani told me that he feels that the site is a bit dated and is looking to ave it reworked and remodeled soon.

So the area that i work in is pretty small. In one room there is three of us. Myself, the other intern and another graphic designer. And in this room is three desktop computers that we all work from, with two photo light boxes that we use to take pictures of the jewelry.


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Track 4: Nevermind/The Marathon Continues

So the next day i filled out a few more application and within a few hour’s I gotten an email back from a Company known as Kipliani  & Co. Which is a watch and jewelry company located in the diamond district. After a few exchanged emails i was asked if can come in for a brief interview. The interview went well and I was asked how soon can I start, I told him I was available as soon as possible, And then I was asked if I can start today. So.. I did

Mr.Kipliani then introduced me the another student who is also a design intern that goes to Barruch and just started a week prior to me. She then broke down and taught me what she does and the things i will be doing and helping her with

Right now our role is to take photo’s of their watches in a light box (which I’ve never seen or used before)  and edit/clean them in photoshop so that they can be ready, set, and posted on to the website.

I didn’t know what to expect the day that i went in for the interview so I didnt really expect anything. I was just open for whatever was to come. It turns out everyone at Kipliani & Co were very friendly and willing to lend a helping hand when needed. And right now it is just me, the other intern and one other graphic designer who are also their with me. Which works for me so, because I work well with others, and I can always ask them questions when i need help.

So far so good. And now the marathon continues

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Track 3: Drop?/ The Cool

So remember that internship i was supposed to start in march?. It turns out I don’t have it anymore. Well i still do but i just wont be starting this semester. Which sucks because its pretty much halfway through the semester and im not sure if im gonna have to drop this class or not. I really don’t want to so for now im just going to maintain my cool and see what i can make happen soon.

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Track 2: Small Victories

So I finally earned the chance to interview and speak with a guy by the name of Samuel Baumel who has small company by the name of Pionear, who was looking for college interns to help create an interesting mobile app that kind of fused music, social media, map locations together. It sounded cool when he told me that and I was definitely interested. They are located in dumbo Brooklyn and I am to start working with them this march. For me this is a small victory, but at the same time this is where it all gets real.

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Track 1: In Search Of…

While I’ve been sending and receiving emails back and forth to different company’s and agencies In search of an internship. I have yet to get the opportunity to get an interview. So for now, I plan to keep doing what im doing while i am still In Search Of…

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