CET3640 – Software for Computer Control

Lab #2

Objective: The objective with this lab was to get familiar with Eclipse, and start to do the second lab assignment. Basically, this program
will let the user compute several statistics. Also, the user  will be able to enter as many numbers as wished (positives or negatives). However, once the number are entered, can type 0 (zero) to get the result. This program was not easy to create because I am new to Java, however; it did not stop me to accomplish this lab. I was having a hard time to make it work, so read the slices from class and the book. I finally figured out what i was doing wrong and finish my program. Also by reading the book i learned some trick that it will help me in the future.


 package lab2;

import java.util.Scanner;
public class lab2 {

	 * @param args
	public static void main(String[] args)

		Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);

		int value = 0; // It will do the job for us
		int firstnumber = 0; // This will show the first number entered
		int lastnumber = 0; // This will show the last number entered
		int count = 0;// It will count
		int minimum = 0; // This will show the minimum number entered
		int maximun = 0; // It will show the maximum number entered
		int average = 0; // It will show the average
		int totalsum = 0; // It will add the numbers entered

		while (true)
			System.out.print("Input Number, type 0 to get result: ");
			value = input.nextInt();
			totalsum += value;

			if (value >= maximun){
				maximun = value;
			if( value == 0 ) break;

			if (value == minimum ){	
				minimum = value;

				lastnumber = value;

				minimum = value;

			if (count>0){
				lastnumber = value;
		System.out.printf("First Number entered = %d\n", firstnumber);
		System.out.printf("Last Number entered = %d\n", lastnumber);
		System.out.printf("Count = %d\n", count);
		System.out.printf("Maximum = %d\n", maximun);
		System.out.printf("Minimum = %d\n", minimum);
		System.out.printf("Average = %d\n", totalsum/count);
		System.out.printf("Total Sum = %d\n", totalsum);