Assignment 9

Audience-Camaro lovers, teens and adults any ages
Benefits-A very fast car with engines that range from a 323-horsepower V6 to a 580-horsepower supercharged V8
Tone-adrenaline(hyper), happy, warm inside
Air Time- Anytime on YouTube, commercials in the afternoon, night, and morning, car video ads.


(Establishing shot of man trying to get to work on time)

-Man is in a hurry (you can see from his expression)

-With a smile he then realizes this is a job for his camaro.

-He takes out his keys with excitement with joy in his eyes as he turns to his car.

-This next shot will show the inside of the car with all that it will have.(amazing people)

-As he sits and puts his hands on the wheel he smiles(side angle shot)

-Car driving off fast through the road

-The birds flying side by side the car as if the car matches their speed

-extreme close up shot of his smile shot

-Car goes faster passing the birds (birds amazed)

-stops at the parking lot cleanly

-Shot of the camaro itself and the name on the left