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Midterm (Strategy + Client Mailing List + Sample Work)


Postcards that can also be cropped into conventional social media sizes without losing part of the overall concept. Apart from cold emailing those on my list, I want to be more active on instagram/twitter and doing appropriate tagging. For those companies that allow work submission, I’ll be doing just that! Along with being active, I also plan on reaching out to some artist idols and making first attempts at getting to know them/letting them know I’m out there and want to learn from them.

As for the postcard route, I am able to shell out a small amount in order to get a nice print out:

Vista Print | 50 Copies | 5  x 7″, Glossy Front | $35.99

4over4 | 50 Copies | 5  x 7″, Glossy Cover | $35.00

Walmart | 50 Copies | 5  x 7″, Photo Cover | $72 (11+ @ $1.44 and within the hour)

Bonus: Bookmarks! I have yet to think in what way to mail these, possible with a handwritten note?

Vista Print | 50 Copies | 2 x 6″ | $35.00

4over4 | 50 Copies | 2 x 6″, Glossy Front | $15.00

With a lot of time at home, I’m currently learning more about After Effects and I hope to apply that into my art soon as well!


In my list, I have both Art Directors to contact and companies that allow artists to submit their work for a business inquiry.