Adobe Audition Coursework OpenLab

Horror Ambience

Here is some horror ambience made in Adobe Audition. My main inspiration for this is the concept of nominal spaces and I tried to encapsulate what makes it scary.

City Tech Coursework Design Illustrator Photoshop

Re-Designed Album Cover

Here is a redesign of “Centralia,” an album from one of my favorite bands, Car Bomb.

My thought process for this design was to include the elements present in later albums from the band, while maintaining the broken, scratched up aesthetic of the old album design. I decided this because of how edgy and dark their first album is compared to their newest releases, but there are still elements that they have carried over.

As you can see, the band started to use geometric designs in their latest releases, which corresponds well to the less-edgy, more philosophical lyrics of the songs.

This kind of duality between chaos and geometric cohesion is most eloquently illustrated in their music videos; or if you just pay attention very closely to the music.

City Tech Coursework Photoshop

Corrected Image

Using the content aware healing tool, I repaired this old, damaged image of this little girl.

Here, you can see that the large white streaks going across the image are now gone and the image, while still old-looking, is repaired.

City Tech Coursework Design Photoshop

Photoshop Images

Here are some images created with the following ideas: scale, “time machine”, and hyper realism.

The “scale” of this image is the small elephant as opposed to the large saxophone, which is at least twice as big as it.

The “time machine” aspect of this image is the hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg masked into the right side of the image, which is set in the roaring 20’s.

The “hyper realism” of this image is the obvious physical impossibility of a duck having large muscles.

City Tech Coursework Design Illustrator

Business Cards

Here are two business cards designed; one has copied ideas from a previously existing card, while the other is an original design.

You can see the obvious inspiration, with pretty much the only difference being the design in the background.

Here is a simple original card design using the gestalt and visual hierarchy design principles. It was made by drawing a simple arrow with the pen tool and duplicating it.



Here are various traces of musical objects and my favorite vocalist Jens Kidman from the band Meshuggah.

A simplistic, minimalist trace of a guitar.

A microphone utilizing negative space with a linear gradient. The colors of black and red being consistent among the traces.

A tracing of Jens Kidman on stage with negative space to accurately capture the picture being traced.

All of the traces together.

Coursework Design


The prompt used to design these logos was “lazy.” I tried to incorporate a few stereotypical objects synonymous with the word.

A minimalistic representation of a couch.

A design of a potato. My line of thinking was: when people are lazy, they’re generally described as “couch potatoes” or a “sack of potatoes.”

An old-fashioned TV. When thinking of a television, people generally think of this design as opposed to a flat screen.


About me

Hi, my name is Jason Birchfield. I am currently honing my skills in pursuit of a future involving all things computer technology!

My major is Emerging Media Technology with a video game design focus.

I became interested in this field after my high school’s ACMA (Academy of Media Arts) SLC introduced it to me.

I’m not too big on graphic design, but I do understand the importance of understanding the concepts that encompass it.

In my free time, you can generally find me playing games, editing, or coding.