For me, design is at the intersection of art and business. The desire to be a designer came somewhat later in life for me – having dabbled in fashion and photography, I have always been interested in the visual arts, but was never quite sure where my place was. Until the day that a friend suggested that I study design, nothing clicked. But her suggestion resonated with me, and I enrolled in a few classes at my local junior college. I found that I was really interested in the work, from basic graphic design all the way to hand-coded HTML.

I am now enrolled in my first semester at City Tech, and I’m greatly looking forward to developing my skills in the field. I’ve been doing some freelance work recently, designing restaurant menus, signage, comment cards, and event flyers. I’ve used Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Flash, and I’m excited to become proficient in all design-related programs.

My ultimate goal is still uncertain. There are choices to be made ahead: shall I focus on development or design? Do I want to work full-time, free-lance, or do both? As a designer, what niche should I focus on? As I continue my education, these answers will become clearer. In the meantime, I am happy knowing that at last, I am on the right path.

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