Make Waves event

I had the pleasure to attend an awesome event that happens a couple of times a year. It is called the MAKEWAVES event. The event I attended was held in the GA workspace. It is basically an event for creatives in different areas. For example the last make waves concentrated on Screenprinting and Photography. They’re was a special guest, the owner of kidsuper spoke about his brand and what he does. A couple of other photographers were there speaking about film and their preferences when they shoot. This event was really cool because you got to ask questions then and there about whatever you were interested in. After they had the guest speakers there was a screenprinting workshop, which was cool. They also held a workout session after everything was over in the space. They brought in a personal trainer and he did a workout for an hour. After the workout people were able to drink some free titan tea which were sponsors of the event. I would def recommend people to attend this event. There are good connects and it is a fun experience.


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