Poster House

We had the opportunity to be part of the poster house virtual tour of Blaxploitation movies. It was very interesting to see these posters.

This one is one of my favorites. “Coffy. The white background makes everything stand out with the warm tone colors. This poster looks mostly violent and the first things i recognized was the woman with the gun and the man who assume is pimp. Everyone looks innocent too me.

Cleopatra Jones and the casino of gold. I love how abstract and vibrant this poster, i like the orange outline around the characters it makes it pop. It shows that beautiful Women can be very dangerous.

This one really stands out to me. There’s a lot of action in this poster. The obvious thing you see first is the man with the shotgun. I love how the yellow background blends in with the gun blast. This movie looks to have more action. Feel like this poster and the one before this, there was more work put in to it

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