India exports a variety of fiber, fabric, and apparel items to the US to meet customer needs. Cotton shirts, t-shirts, skirts, and trousers, which highlight India’s cotton production, are popular. Silk sarees, gowns, and scarves are exported for their superb artistry and attractive patterns (Akhtar et al., 2022). Salwar kameez, lehengas, and kurta sets are also popular in the US for their brilliant hues and traditional charm (Tanasa et al., 2023). The market exports finely embroidered bedspreads, curtains, table linens, and cushion covers. 

Figure 10

Handwoven fabrics, block-printed textiles, and hand-embroidered clothing exhibit India’s aesthetic legacy. Sustainable jute and hemp bags, carpets, and clothes are in demand (Shabbir et al., 2020). The US market offers scarves, stoles, shawls, and trendy jewelry. Fabric quality, design complexity, and brand reputation affect product prices (Manonmani, 2013). Consumers must browse online marketplaces, specialist shops, and fashion merchants to locate things that fit their needs and budgets.

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