Concept Design 3


My third concept is a design of a flower, people usually relate a flower to something good, fragile,and beautiful. Planting and growing them to decorate or to show appreciation to somebody. In my design the flower contains many evil things but because of its beauty no one would dare hurt it or stop it from growing. Many times evil can masked itself with something pure and beautiful leaving people blind about its true purpose and roots.

Concept Design 2


my second concept I also use the word evil and the color red but using the design of a viral infection over taking the page, the pill which represents good is of no use and can not do anything to stop the virus from spreading as it contains 0mg of good. Hinting at how also pharmaceutical create drugs to do good but at the end not having any effect or worst, I can relate drugs to the quote.

Concept Design 1


My first concept for my visual design quote is the quote itself making my own design using the words, I made the word evil stand out over taking the word good which I made into a different color and design. The color red makes everything pop up even more and is mostly related to something bad, the color blue is mostly associated with something good, I wanted the design to be simple but color being important.


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