This is a guest post from Matthew Z. of ADeral. A blog for Advertising and Graphic Design students.

Advertising is becoming more surgical with the emergence of mobile devices and interactivity. Major companies are starting to invest a lot of time and money into designers who can code and create interactive advertisements. One of major reasons why interactive advertising is so popular is the ability to lower potential loses from poorly planned strategies. Here are some of the benefits from interactive advertising:

Pin Point Targeting

One of the major advantages of interactive advertising is the data analytic. Companies are able to track your activity and tailor ads to your needs. It’s kind of creepy, I know. Ever wonder why one night you search online for Nike sneakers, and then you see Nike ads on YouTube, Facebook, and in your emails?

New Impressions

Another huge advantage of interactive advertising is giving the potential consumer a new way to see the product. Companies can now strategically display fun and new ways to see their products. Imagine an interactive ad for a cosmetics line. You’re able to change a sample dummy’s skin color to closely match yours. Then try out different colors of lipstick to see which one would look the best on you before committing to the purchase. This gets the consumer involved with the ad as well as reinforces their purchase.

Add to Cart

Many companies are also investing their money into mobile stores. Now a consumer can shop while on the go at anytime. Interactive designers create a user friendly online store that is convenient for mobile shoppers. With just a few clicks, even a mother of three children and a full time job, can still shop at her free time.

Interactive advertising is growing rapidly. With new technologies being created, interactive advertising and web design are all evolving into a personal one on one experience.