My immersive experience

I remember going to the Science and Technology Museum many years ago when I was a child. There is a device that can do motion capture. You can capture your appearance through the camera, and then your outline will be displayed on one wall. What impressed me most was that after I set it up to capture my appearance, the “Me” on the wall could play rock, paper, scissors with me.



  • 10 second ad for fall is coming!

  • A Mashup video movie trailer I made combines 5 movies scenes.
  • Mashup will 4 songs and 1 music.(Watch out your volume!)



  • This is the book cover I made from a book I read.

  • The design on this picture is come from a comic. The character in that comic hit a moon with a baseball bat. And the Tiger I play around the color and try to turn the tiger look more real on the stage.

Recover PIC

I found this old picture on google and I try my best to remove all the folds it has.

  • The idea on the “Balance” is a imagine a kongfu master was standing on a hill. The idea of “Innovation” is if there is no dissagreedment (that means take out all the “NO”s),  that will never have “INNOVATION”.

  • The picture on the left is my favorite singer. The person on the right is a badminton player. I play around the transparency on that one.

  • Hello everyone, This is Hiuling Yen. You can call me Jenny. This is the business card I made. It include my name, my phone number and my email. The  Chinese at the bottom is meaningful for me. The left one is my nickname on all my games. And the right one is the my profile, it means I just love playing.


  • These logos are my personality design photo. It shows my assertive, contradictory and kind.