Week 3- Meltaways, Turkish Delights, and Sesame Halvahs

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About Ginette

Ginette Castillo, but people also call her Ginie or Gee. She was born and raised in the Bronx and is currently 22 years old. She graduated The Bronx Guild High School (Inside Stevenson High School) with a GPA of about 3.7. She was able to attend different types of internships while attending The Bronx Guild. Being in this school, she realized what she wanted to major in college (which is baking). She has had internship’s in places like Marc Ecko, Columbia University, a dentist office, donors choose, a Mexican/American restaurant, a chef at senior center and so forth. The job she loved the most was working in William Hudson Senior Center with a very good chef. He taught her a lot and helped her to enjoy the culinary/baking world. She has had a passion of learning to cook and bake but it just hasn’t come clear in her mind and she’s determined to learn in college. Her reason for attending NYC College of Technology is because it was the closest and only school in New York that had cooking/baking together and she’s hoping that this is the school that will help her react her goal of being a great chef and baker. Besides being passionate in culinary; she loves to play softball, traveling, hanging out, attending Yankee and Mets games when she can, and baking cakes on her spare time. Her greatest accomplishment has to be graduating high school and getting everything done early, however something she looks back on was not graduating her third year of high school because of different reasons, but at least she was able to do all the senior actives like she wanted. She got to learn though that something’s happen for a reason and people learn from their own mistake. She’s very shy but when she gets to know you she will come out of her comfort zone and you will get to see how cool and real she can be. Whenever you see her around say hi and get to know her, she won’t bit =)

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