Opportunity to earn bonus credit

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Go to the Atlantic Antic Festival on Sunday, Sep 24 and observe the14th Annual Dumpling Eating Contest held by Chef One at 2:15 PM. Take 2-3 pictures of the dumpling contest and summarize how the contest enhances brand awareness and/or customer experience in 200 words. Turn in your report in the next class. Include the photos in the report. Check out the following website for schedule: http://atlanticave.org/atlantic-antic/schedule/

Possible topics for your final project, Twin Marquis

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  • Increasing Brand awareness
  • Understanding institution buying decision for food
    • Field study
    • Case study
  • Discuss with me if you have any sparkling ideas.
  • Marketing sample is available here: http://www.mplans.com/food_services_marketing_plan/executive_summary_fc.php
  • Additional marketing ideas will be shared in class.
  • Start to think about possible topics for your project and get ready to share your idea with class.


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So I read an article about a Motel 6 in Arizona where after a Mexican person showed his ID to the front desk person and checked into his room. An hour later the police showed up saying they had reason to believe he was in the country illeaglly and was arrested. I thought the job of the front desk clerk was to check you in not make assumptions regarding citizenship