Servicescapes Project Topic

You will need to think about a possible topic of the project. The midterm report is due in a few weeks. As for a project topic, a business you choose must be of an establishment which you have NEVER been to and has been open in its current incarnation not prior to January 1, 2013.

Read through the project guidelines (p. 9 in the Course Syllabus) 

HW Reminder

Start the Twitterverse project – tweet two articles on the servicescapes with your comments and submit a hard copy of one article in class. Be prepare to debrief your article for 3 minutes.

You will be also asked to present your field trip activity for 5 minutes and turn in one team report.

Field Study

A field study is scheduled for Week 3. Class will meet in front of Trader Joes of the City Point and Dekalb Market Hall. Attendance will be taken at 6 pm and a team activity sheet will be provided on site. Be prepared to present your answer in class on Week 4.

  1. Meeting Location: Trader Joes (in front of the main entrance of the store), 445 Gold St, Brooklyn
  2. Meeting Time: 6 pm on Feb 13
  3. Meeting Date: Feb 13 for Tuesday Class OR Feb 15 for Thursday Class


Welcome to HMGT 4702 Hospitality Services Marketing Management!

This is our main course website. All course contents and announcements will be posted on this site. We will also use Blackboard for homework submission. 

Explore the site and let me know in class if you have questions.