Assignment C

Parti on Housing Design In Hot Dry Climate Zone

Hot and dry climate, as the  name its self suggested that there are high temperature and less moisture, long summer and short winter, like  climate in Las Vegas , the USA. And also there are maybe big difference on temperature during the day time and the night time,  Figure out the local climate is important on site planning and housing design. The housing location should be along the South-North axis. More widows and doors,  and high  ceilings should be employed for well ventilation and air flowing. Thick walls  should be used because it is better than thinner walls on absorbtion sun thermal energy and block sun radiation  in the day time and releasing the energy during night .

From sustainability and environment point of view, as a housing designer, should choose as many as  the local construction material as possible, and considering  the local housing styles which created  and lived  by the local people under such climate for a long history during the design.