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Blog Response #2 –Your Achiever Personae

Collectively, the Achiever Personae mean that people in the top of 25% of their fellow group. They show consistent upward progress, do special roles than expected, get special rewards or bonuses, work with executives, and they are involved in big decisions. The Achiever Personae usually demonstrate similar qualities: rehired by a former boss, taking the toughest projects, working with bigger and more diverse group, receiving awards and honors, taking advanced educational opportunities, and being long-range planning committees.

The Achiever Personae is very important to get a good career. Honestly, I don’t have The Achiever Personae. To build one, first thing I can do is to work with bigger, and more diverse groups. I should stack qualities one by one. I can do all at once. Currently, I can’t receive awards or handle the toughest project, because I don’t have any experiences. Then I should describe what I’ve done in detail on my resume and LinkedIn profile. I believe that if I stack the qualities one by one, someday I will have the Achiever Personae.


Blog Response #1

A Performance-Based Professional Life


“Performance-Based Professional Life” is a process to hire both competent and motivated people in right position: defining the performance profile describing instead of traditional job description, assessing candidates’ work-history review and competency to do the job, and finding people who have right level of skill, comparable experiences and competency.

As an international student, my professional career prospect is not very bright. The biggest problem is my status. After I graduate college, I need a new visa in order to stay in the United States legally. For getting new visa, I need to find a company, which will sponsor me. However, the company has to pay more tax for hiring foreigner. I have thought about my situation. Am I so special? Even if the company pays more tax? My answer is “No”. I’m not negative person. I’ trying to think realistically. Even though I have to come back to my country, which is Korea, I will do my best to get good career in here.

According to textbook titled The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting hired, the most important thing is the great achievement that I have done. In terms of my major, Web Design, portfolio is more important than school that I graduated. What I can do now is making great portfolio and then with the portfolio I should try to have as many experiences as I can. Probably, I will begin at entry-level or internship. I believe that strengthens the basis.


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