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Commercial (Secret deodorant)


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The main character in this commercial is a female named Jen. Jen in this commercial is considered to be the life of the party. Jen is  portrayed as young sexy and free which reaches out to the female demographic. The Narrator in the commercial asks Jen “What’s her secret?” and she responds by showing the product which is secret deodorant. Jen is shown using the product and enjoying her time at the party. At the end of the commercial Jen says “It’s my little secret.”


A day in the park

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An elderly woman decides to spend her day in the park.  She sits down on a park bench and pulls out a plastic bag out of her purse. The plastic bag contains broken up pieces of bread which the woman then begins to throw on the ground for the birds. Birds start coming to the area where the bread crumbs are being tossed and start picking at the them. The woman watches the birds eat and is suddenly startled by the sound of people and laughter. She turns her head in the direction of the noise and sees a young couple (Boy and girl) walking towards her direction. The older woman’s facial expression changes as she watches the young couple walk pass her . The elderly woman starts to reminisce about a relationship she was involved in when she was a young woman.  In the flash backs, she is shown being flirty and engaging in public displays of affection with a young male. The male points in a random direction to distract the young female. While the girl is distracted, the boy pulls out a heart shaped locket out of his pocket and adjusts it around the girls neck. The necklace is focused on and the scene transitions back to present moment. The elderly woman is shown still wearing the heart locket.


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