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Hospitality Management
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I am a really positive caring, hardworking lovable person. I love to travel experience different cultures and language is exciting to me. I love making people happy putting a smile to their face. CityTech student major in Hospitality Management. My goal is to achieve the skills and knowledge to step foot in this industry to additionally own a hotel or casino. As a student respect everyone, responsible always on time focus and very active. On a professional fielded I can work with anyone as long as they want to work. Learning is valuable to me especially when it will benefit me in the future. My first experience in this industry was in high school when I attend a college program at Monroe College. There it was when realized I wanted to be the hospitality industry. Searching all these different weird hotels in forms of elephant and in the middle of the ocean to me is awesome fascinating I loved it. One my strength is resilience and somehow I always remained positive. Learning new things, being challenge daily and having high responsibility drives me to go beyond to find a solution to any problem. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I have no problem working 24/7 because when you have a passion for what you do is not really a job.

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