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Yasemin Arslan’s ePortfolio
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Communication Design
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Hi everyone, my name is Yasemin.
It’s my fourth year in CityTech. I used to be in architecture but I saw that it wouldn’t work for me.The reason that I chose Communication Design / Graphic Design module, is I realized I am more interested in editorial design, typography and want to express my ideas in a design field. Learning new methods , being successful inspires me and it doesn’t make me to lose my hope. The drawings, designs on anywhere that i see from people, who are known with their work also inspires me. In my opinion, listening music opens my imagination and its making more ideas in my mind. I like to work with coding, markers, pencils and if necessary sometimes on computer. I had experiences working with softwares, which are Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I would like to work on Projects which are based on space and volume because you can add more details and you can work in many ways however you think about it.

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