1101-391 Language and Identity.

Ymanol Del Rosario

Carrie Hall



            “The mistakes we make in life”


Everyone decides their own paths and destiny at the end they might regret it. Sometimes we do things just for the moment but sometimes those things can become a daily habit. Not all of us have the same mindset that’s why sometimes we do things that we never thought of doing but that’s life a whole different mystery. We can judge people by the way the talk, eat, act, or dress because behind all of that there’s a history that we don’t know. That’s why here i want to talk about one of my favorite artist call anuel AA. Anuel AA is a trap latín artist who was born in Puerto Rico. The trap Latin artist real name is Enmanuel Gazmey Santiago his father is one of the owners of the famous company “ Sony” but that doesn’t mean that anuel was rich because of that fact. This trap artist pretty much has been through a lot of things raised in the streets that made him what he is today.

Also there’s a lot of controversy about his lyrics in his songs because he talks about death , drugs , sex etc people didn’t like that type of style so in the beginning of his career he got banned from all local radios due to that strong lyrics in his music.

Anuel AA he didn’t care about that he continue to do his own style of music combining the American trap with a Latin trap. Time passed by and anuel got signed by another trap Latin artist in Puerto Rico called Ñengo flow (RG4L) real gangster 4 life.

Ñengo is one of the traps pioneers in Puerto Rico with a lot of big hits in the music industry. After anuel got signed by ñengo flow his career started to get better because now he was getting the support from others people who said that he had a good talent.

Anuel AA and Ñengo Flow they made a song together called “Los intocable “ that song started to blew up around the world that even got to the United States and even catch the attention of a big trap artist called Rick Ross.

Ricks Ross was interested in Anuel AA talent that he bought the tickets flight for anuel to come over to the United States. After the meeting anuel and Rick Ross agreed to a contract on Rick Ross company called “ Maybach Music “.

Now anuel was a signed trap Latin artist he started to Make shows and things like that. Then he drop a song called “ intocable for his mother” that song made me realize the value of my mother and I know all the people that listen to it they feel the same thing as me. Intocable was so good that local radios started to put anuel song on.

Intocable is song that explains the things that he been through to get where he’s at today , the things that he suffered and also the pain of his mother knowing that his son was a drug dealer.

This song is important not only to me but I think for many young teenagers that they think that the only way out is to become a drug dealer. Anuel explains the things you have to live to be a drug dealer and isn’t even worth it because a drug dealer only has 2 choices.

1- get kill and 2- be in prison.

Intocable was the song that made anuel AA blow up fast in Puerto Rico and United States. After that big hit many people wanted a featuring with anuel.


On the other hand many people still don’t like anuel for the fact that he made a diss track to another artist called ‘ coscuella el principe” why many people don’t like Anuel AA? Because they feel that he humiliated many people with diseases and also his own nationality Puerto Rico. This diss track made a huge negative impact on anuel’s career because every single people in Puerto Rico turned his back on Anuel AA. This was such a negative impact that nobody on Puerto Rico wants him to go there no more.


This is an important impact because this prove that we are human and we make mistakes sometimes even if we don’t want to but we have to be brave enough enough to take the responsibility of it. This huge problem can happen to all of us but that’s what make us humans , the things that we are not perfect and we can bounce back and recognize our own problems. This is important because even though people go to jail or they do something wrong people always start to judge. That’s why I think everyone deserves a second chance because after we make mistakes deep in our hearts we regret all the bad things that we did especially if that things applies our love ones.


To conclude this the point that I’m trying to make is that we are not supposed to be ashamed of our mistakes because those mistakes is what makes us what we really are even if it’s good or bad. Those mistakes are teaching life lesson that makes us humans feel like we can have a second chance why ? Because not everybody has the privilege of being born rich not all of us has that privilege. Us people that were born poor we don’t have the fault of being born like this so that’s why many people get confused and they make mistakes because they think that’s their fault but it’s not. Remember everyone decides their own path rather is good or bad. We can’t judge the others because we don’t know what they have been through. So this is my advice take care of your love ones , be a good person, help others who need you and always listen to people because they might have a lot more experience than you in life specially if they were in prison.

Everyone has the right to have a second chance as long as they regret of doing what was wrong deep in their hearts.