1101-391 Language and Identity.

Shehab Naseer
Dr Carrie Hall
Eng 1101-391
November 1, 2018

There are multiple personalities in one single person. There are some everyone knows about and are familiar with. There are also versions of people that are mentioned but they are very noticeable. Some are very personal and unrecognizable. People ages from 14 to 60+ are often diagnosed with ASPD, which stands for AntiSocial Personality Disorder. Now there are different levels and categories of these ASPD, and one of the most common one that are found in more than 200,000 cases within the age group of 14-60+ are diagnosed Sociopaths. A Sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in a extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Symptoms of this ASPD start showing during most of their childhoods and start to grow more into their daily personalities and behavior. There are multiple ways to spot these traits. These people are very charming and they stand out, they tend to take a lot of risk and have a very carefree attitude towards everything and they might be willing to break laws if necessary. One of the most important traits to be noticed is that these people lack empathy. They also fail to recognize that they maybe the problem before they start to blame others. They simply just don’t realize their actions could be harming others. According to Health line that broke down the traits stated that “ People with ASPD don’t always see how harmful their actions are. In other cases, they may simply not care that their actions hurt someone.” They are very aggressive and arrogant, they are usually physically and verbally abusive and they might feel as if they are superior to the ones around them and especially those who disagree with them. Even though these traits seem like that they might appear in every single ASPD case but they might not. Every Case itself is unique and very personal. Who are these sociopaths? Do we know that they are sociopaths? Could they be someone we spend most of our days with? Absolutely! Sociopaths are very manipulative and are a part of our daily lives.

The Main reason of addressing this topic is to focus on Sociopathic characteristics of Celebrities and modern Day internet sensations that millions of people view on a daily basis and how they are portrayed in many different situations and on televisions. Public figures will always be in the spotlight no matter what they do and that itself can be a blessing and a curse. Everything they do will be on the news and for that they always have to be careful. For example, Famous English-American Actor Christian Bale who is a recipient for many awards such as The Oscars, The Academy award and The Golden globe for his excellent acting skills in roles he played such a batman, he really got the spotlight for being one of the greatest to ever play the famous DC Universe Character batman for several movies. With all the fame and Wealth came a lot of responsibilities and he had to make sure he was very careful in his personal and social life. In 2008 Christian Bale was arrested at the Dorchester Hotel because he tried to “attack” his mother and sister and the reason has always been unknown because Bale’s mother felt if they were to actually address the situation that occured in the hotel it would be like she was being disloyal to her family. Christian has also been known to have meltdowns during his shoots and he used to try and do his own stunts which shows how much of a risk taker he was willing to take to get the perfect shots. It is very mysterious how he raged into the hotel to confront his family and how a world famous actor can be a part of a really big controversy and it definitely affected his acting career. This also shows that even though he had a really big fan base, it didn’t occur to him at the moment that whatever he had on his mind can result in something much bigger. Besides Christian Bale, there’s been other major movie stars that have headline Hollywood for being great actors and other events like not needing stunt devils and getting seriously injured. The charming main character of the action movie series Mission impossible Tom cruise is also known for taking a lot risk and for using his charm to attract women. One of Tom’s co stars Leah Remini actually said “He’s Diabolical” which means belonging to or so evil as to recall the devil. Tom Cruise is actually one of the most successful actors in the industry and during the shooting of his last movie he got into a really bad accident while jumping across buildings and that also really shows that he’s really care free of his own physical condition and all the legal situation his team has to go through if something horrible were to happen to him. Those are some of the Sociopathic traits of Movie celebrities and that really show to what extent they can go.
Besides the Movie stars with sociopathic characteristics, there internet celebrities that do crazy things for more views and subscriptions and fame and attention. All of the instagram, Youtube stars are always chasing the numbers and trying to reach the young kids not noticing what they are posting. Some of Youtube’s biggest stars are the two brothers Logan And Jake paul who are known to be the biggest content creators. They are also known for some terrible decisions they both have made. Logan paul who is 23 years has been part of some major controversies, one of the main being the Japan’s suicide forest incident where Logan Filmed a dead body while walking around the forest. After the incident logan said that it was a severe lapse of his judgement and he does not expect to be forgiven easily. Logan paul has been rising to the top of youtube with rage and uncontrolled hype. This also shows multiple traits of a sociopath where logan had ignored what the dead victims family would feel and since then his career has been downfall and it shows that this is the type of behavior he is surrounded with and feel the need to do anything for views on their videos and likes and promotions. It seems like that it runs in the family because logan’s younger brother Jake who also leads the multimedia entertainment company Team 10. Recently there’s been a documentary on weather he is a sociopath or not because Jake paul’s former teammates have accused him of assault, bullying, unfair pay rolls and etc. Being 20 Jake paul has got millions of kids attentions and in his videos he constantly keep advertising his merchandise. There’s also very sexual content uploaded which are also reasons he faced the backlash and yet he fails to acknowledge the fact that he is wrong.

Each case of ASPD is unique even though most patients may have similar characteristics. However most people exhibit some of these at an early stage of life without having ASPD. If there’s someone who acts regularly out of these behavior despite fully understanding the consequences. The best thing to do is to consult with a doctor and get actual diagnosis because this isn’t something that can be cured but treatment can help.