1101-391 Language and Identity.

Hadassah Boodhoo

English Composition l

Dr. Hall

October 3, 2018


        My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead


In the second page of Klosterman’s text, a quote I found is: “ We think critically about monsters, we tend to classify them as personifications of what we fear…” He also added a few examples like Godzilla who was a “…spawned from the fear from the atomic age.” Interestingly, Klosterman explains how we use inspirations from situations that happen in our lives to create monsters that is embedded from our fears. Ideas like Godzilla or Frankenstein’s monster gives us a perception as to how we view things that impacts us negatively. With that being said, these well-known monsters are purposely made to teach life lessons. For example; Shelly created Frankenstein, as not only an idea about telling ghost stories, but how science can go too far and one’s actions have consequences. Frankenstein’s intentions was to create a man, however, by the physical attributes of the man, he looked like a hideous monster. Victor regrets his decision to create the monster and runs away from it, instead of confronting his creation.

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