1101-391 Language and Identity.

Erik Yan

Dr.Carrie Hall


In the article, it is saying that people like zombies because we can relate them with our everyday regular lives. For example, Chuck said “ And it’s more repetitive than complex. In other words, zombie killing is philosophically similar to reading and deleting 400 work e-mails on a Monday morning or filling out paperwork that only generated more paperwork, or following Twitter gossip out of obligation, or performing tedious tasks in which the only true risk is being consumed by the avalanche. The principal downside to any zombie attack is that the zombies will never stop coming; the principal downside to life is that you will be never be finished with whatever it is you do.” (Klosterman, 2010, pg 3). Chuck is saying that people like zombies because they are easy to kill and doesn’t take much effort to really like put an end to one which is also similar to deleting emails. He explains that it is not really a hard task but you have to do it repetitively. I agree with chuck because i’m confident that if you ask a random person how to kill a zombie, they would say destroy the brain. This kind of shows how it is not a complex thing to understand.

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