1101-391 Language and Identity.

Ymanol Del Rosario




Carrie Hall


                  Humans are monsters too


Monsters are fictional characters that people create in movies,shows and series. The development of monsters throughout the years has been incredible . Monsters now the play an important role on tv and on many people’s life but us humans sometimes we do things and act like we are part of them too.


Humans are monsters too why? In this explanation we are going to use two examples of why humans are characterized as monsters too. First let’s say you live in a state such as New York beautiful city but it has it’s problems too. Homeless people are people that don’t have money to eat or to pay rent so they basically live in the streets asking for a little bit of money to get something to eat. Sometimes us humans when we see a homeless guy or girl we just want to away from them or we just don’t to see them at all. Why is that ? Also we start to criticize them for the type of clothes they or maybe for the conditions they living in . These types of acts can characterize us as monsters too because we just ignoring someone that needs help from us. Even worst when we see a homeless person we think they are the monsters and that’s why we don’t any physical contact with them because we already have that thinking of them of being like another types of species such as monsters. Many people have done that at least once if they say they didn’t they probably lying to themselves and that’s the point I’m trying to make why do we call the homeless people monsters rather than ourselves? Because we acting like even worst than a monster. The homeless people is not their fault that they living in the conditions that they living right now many of them when they were born they didn’t have nothing so they were raised up in the streets so we shouldn’t blame them we should help them that’s the right way because today you may be at the top but you never know if tomorrow you might be at the bottom. 


Another example is rich people but not specifically rich people. Here I’m talking about drug cartels known as drug lords. Why them? Why drug lords ? I’m going to tell you why right now these people do such things to other people that they there’s no name to describe it. Drug lords they are people who transport cocaine to others countries and they get really good money doing this but why are the bad things about this “Business” . These drugs lords they kill innocent people like it’s nothing they intoxicate many of people such as homeless people by selling that cocaine that by the time is eating your brain cells little by little. There’s a lot of examples of these acts . I’m going to tell you one Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria the greatest drug lord to ever lived he did things that people today still have him in the number one list of top criminals in the world. Pablo Escobar he killed a lot of innocent people and in those people they were presidents, senators, newspaper people ,police men’s  and a lot of international people too . Just because he didn’t want to get extracted to the United States so he did all that to make the Colombian government kiss his feet . A lot of people know what he did because one of his employees he still alive and know he making profit by Saying all the secrets that we didn’t know about Pablo Escobar. My point here is we all know all the terrible things he did and there’s still some of us that appreciate him. He’s a monster too for all the things that he did to us just to sell that cocaine . It makes no sense of us being in his side when we should be sorry for all the people that died brasher of him and his ambitions . These drug lords are even more monsters we don’t have words to describe them. So think about it should you support them or the innocent people that are trying to be something in their life by working hard and studying hard too?

To conclude this I still remember that there was a line in the article”monsters” that says” the more we watched them the more we get attached to them” and I think is true but we should step up for what is right and disagree for what is wrong I think that will be a way that could live in peace in this world we no worries of threats and we all of us humans together like we should be .