1101-391 Language and Identity.

Pavel Nunez

English 1101

Dr Carrie Hall



Well based on the reading, I have seen a quote that gets my attention based on classwork we did and  reading that was about the growing popularity of zombies. So the quote I chose was “ When we critically think about monsters, we tend to classify them as a personification we fear,Frankenstein’s monster illustrated our trepidation about untethered science; Godzilla was spawned from the fear of the atomic age; werewolves feed into an instinctual panic over predation and man’s detachment from nature. Vampires and zombies share an imbedded anxiety about disease”. This quote I choice is basically saying that we define monsters as something that we are scared of all the time and that it represents a few things we face everyday.. But honestly not everyone sees the same evil monster of a certain fiction or non-fictional character. An example is that some people thought Hitler was hero and Joseph Stalin was a hero too. Some might disagree and see them as monsters from history. It totally depends on the person and their viewpoint of this “monster”


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