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Artist Essay
Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986) is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Drake has been on top of the rap game. He creates music with a blend of pop and rap. Long gone are the times where all the rappers talked about guns and drugs. Drake is very straight forward, he talks about his feelings and other people label him “soft”. Usually young men these days don’t talk about their feelings publicly, therefore artists like Drake are so important in this generation. In Drakes new album Scorpion, the song “Emotionless” was the number one on the genius top songs chart. One of my favorite lyrics from the song “Emotionless” goes like “I know a girl whose one goal was to visit Rome, then she finally got to Rome and all she did was post pictures for people at home”. Drake uses a bit of social commentary saying how people are overly obsessed with social media. People post pictures of themselves on social media on the daily. What I like about Drake is that he relates to our experiences in life such as brake ups. The whole album “Take Care” talks about break ups in his song “Marvin’s room”. Its about Drake trying to get over his ex and going to the bar, drinking uncontrollably trying to get over her. Drake would call her in the club drunk and he has feelings of loneliness and he’s trying to get her to leave her new man. Drake shows the world how he expresses himself when its hard for him to move on. One of my other favorite albums would be “views”. The cover is Drake sitting, looking over his city on top of the CN Tower which happens to be the worlds tallest building. The song “Keep the Family Close” discusses Drake’s trust issues. While his friends betray and hurt him, Drake’s got his family close by, always there for support. The song, the meaning behind "Keep Your Family Close" is straightforward and it will make you want to phone your parents if it's been a while. One of my personal experiences was going to a Drake concert. On August 30,2018 there was a Drake concert in the Barclays Center. My friends and I purchased tickets and decided to go because it was the last concert of the summer for us. The concert started at 7:30pm my friends and I took the train before, so we would get there on time. We got off the Q train at Atlantic Avenue Barclay Center. As we got to the Barclays there was a crowded area of hundreds of people outside waiting to go inside though security check. Knowing us we didn’t wait any line and we cut the whole line to get inside to our seats. I have never seen the Barclays Center so packed in life, not even in a Basketball game. People were buying Drakes merchandise such as shirts, hats and sweaters. As we finally got to General Admissions ground floor like a few feet from the stage. People where waiting for this moment for Drake to perform. The second he came out all you see is people taking videos with there phones on with the flash light beaming towards the stage. He started with his opening song “Mob Ties” from his new album scorpion and ended off with “G-ds Plan”. That last song “G-ds Plan” on stage was hollow gram which showed the music video of how Drake gives out a lot of money back to the people. This means a lot to me because it’s always good to give back to the poor or the people that are in need. Looking back at the crowd was on their feet from beginning till the end of his concert. Not only the people were dancing so was the security guards guarding the sections were dancing to his songs. This night was defiantly a night to always remember especially that it was two days before my birthday and that was a fun way to celebrate and end of the summer before college. Drake is my role model the way he speaks to the public and he stays out of trouble while other famous rappers usually over dose on drugs or end up in jail. Overall Drake will always be called a legend in our rap society.

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