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  • New Q&A Feature Added to the Project Site
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    K. Andrew Parker

    If you visit the project site, you should see that there are two new options at the top of the page, on the right hand site.

    “Got Questions? Ask Here.” and “Answered Questions”

    Because anyone who can read this post has already “joined” the WeBWorK Working Group, you are already able to post your questions and requests for bug-fixes, etc. by clicking on the “Got Questions?” link.

    There are several pre-made categories for questions, namely:
    Problem Errors – for any problems that aren’t functioning properly – please include Course, Problem Set, Problem Number, and student (if the problem is only happening with certain randomizations);
    Technical Issue – if you’re having problems configuring your course, or some other technical aspect of interacting with the site;
    How Do I? – if there’s something you’re unsure of how to do;
    Suggestions – if there’s something you’d like to see added or some default settings you’d like to see changed, or topics for problems that you’re not seeing adequately addressed.

    Any questions posted to the Q&A portion of the site will be visible, even to non-“members” of this working group – providing a quick and easy resource to those instructors who may be using WeBWorK but not participating on this deep of a level.

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