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    This past week the old CP’s left. I felt like I was at an airport all week because whenever I go to an airport families are always saying goodbye to each other or so it seems. I remember walking by a group of friends huddled together and I could hear them sniffling and I could not help but think that if I am that close to my friends only 2.5 months in I cant even imagine 7 months down the road. Good thing I wont have to deal with that for a while. In related news Pinocchio’s sold its 1,000,000th flatbread pizza this past week! It only took them 14 months to do so. It was a crazy fun day because they rewarded the cast with free pizza that we were allowed to make with toppings they brought in just for us. I am also being cross trained to the FOH next week which will give me a nice variation in my shifts.

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