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    I have successfully survived my first two weeks here in Disney! I have completed all of my orientation. I earned my ears and my first day is tomorrow! I moved into my apartment and all of my other roommates were already here so that was kind of awkward. My roommates however welcomed me and didn’t make me feel out of the loop at all. I knew I was going to get along perfectly with my my roommate who I was going to share my room with. I could just feel feel it. However he got termed four days into my program and that was pretty sad. However moving on I bummed around for about 2 days checking out all the different ways to look at the rain storm from my apartment balcony while I waited for my traditions class.
    Traditions came and got me really excited for Disney I got my blue pass to the parks and I actually felt like a member of the team. After my traditions class I decided to explore Orlando instead of heading into the parks because it was raining.
    I then started my training and found out I was in the kitchen which I could not have been happier about because now I do not have to interact with the guests. I just get to be in the back and make pizza, salads, work the line, and do the dish room all day. Boy was I wrong; Once I started my training I realized that you just stand in one spot for 90 mins until you rotate to a new position and I began to wonder about possible cross training to FOH. I came to find out that I have to wait 90 days to do that. Commence a very long 90 days one that I will do my absolute best to learn from and have as much fun as possible with it. I started my Disney class today and I think I am going to enjoy it and learn a lot from my professor. My professor by the way has been with Disney for 37 years! That is all I have to report here 12 days into my program.

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