Visual Merchandising

Substitute: Exchange one expected idea for another

Club Monaco can substitute a mannequin for a snowman to add to the fall/winter theme. This will help create a scene that tells a story.

Combine: Cross merchandise

During the holiday season, the Club Monaco woman spends time with her family. Therefore, this is an opportunity to cross merchandise with men clothing. Merchandising men and women can help depict togetherness that is seen during this time of year.

Adapt: Take an item intended for one use and adapt its purpose to suit your presentation

One way to adapt this visual display is to transform the tree branches into scarves. This will guide the eye to follow the branches straight to the mannequin.

Modify: Magnify or minimize

Exaggerating the tree could enhance the feel of the entire display. If the branches were protruding from the other side of the window this would cause a three dimensional effect. The tree would look as if it is growing out of the window and grab the customer’s attention.

Putting to other uses: Unexpected uses for objects to be entertaining, attention getting or thought provoking

To luxuriate the accessories rather than placing the handbag on the floor, bags/gloves/scarves can be showcased hanging in a unique way on the tree branches. Showcasing these cold weather accessories can be more appealing and draw attention to these small necessities.

Eliminate, Reversing/Rearranging: Presenting merchandise in an unexpected way

In order to simplify the scene, fewer mannequins should be visible. Lessening the amount of mannequins will avoid crowding the vitrine, and will also help tell a more concise story.