Unit 3- New Genre

Miriam Hahn

ENG 1101

Prof. Cipriani

November 29, 2021

Artist Statement


Extraterrestrial life is a thought that crosses every person’s mind. Some of us want to meet aliens in person, and some want to have the knowledge they exist, but from far away. Regardless, we all want to know if extraterrestrial life is real or not. Recently I have been researching the history of extraterrestrial life study and have found fascinating information that I wanted to share. The audience I am trying to reach are students who are working on obtaining their astrobiology degrees. I think astrobiology students will find my silent short film to be beneficial. It teaches them information that can be helpful to know as an astrobiologist. The purpose of the short film is to help the students understand the history of extraterrestrial life study and apply it to their learnings. I have come to learn the study of extraterrestrial life is incomplete.  One of the topics in the short film is the Drake Equation. This information is a perfect example of information students should know to better apply their studies to solving the equation. The genre I chose best portrays this information is in a silent short film. I chose this genre because I find it self-explanatory and easy to understand. While making this short film, I made sure to make it as clear as possible.  Clarity will keep my readers from getting overwhelmed and will help them concentrate.  I will also be adding pictures to help my readers get a better image in their heads of what I am talking about, but the photos will be simple for my readers to understand. I have hit obstacles during the making of this silent short film because it is the first one I made. If I can do anything differently, I would do more research on the rules for a short film.

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