Typography Project

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    Uploaded by jtorres87 on November 10, 2012

    Description: 1) The sample in interesting because they choose a powerful actor; im not saying he is the most powerful actor in the movie industry; but most of his movies he is a bold fearless strong guy. he goes great for this ad, which consist of been a bold person in work force<br /> <br /> 2) the body of the ad is great it just sums up what will be discussed, and the lettering " be the leading man at the office" in nice big bold letter goes great because the theme is being a strong bold person it added emotions to the lettering. also the black and white effect adds drama to the scene.<br /> <br /> 3) it grabs the reader attention, the reader can feel the emotions in the wording how it was written how it looks.<br /> Student Comments : Both pdf are to go together my scanner scanned it in separate files.