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Most of our resources originally do not belong to us. The only resource we have is ourselves because we are doing interviews of each other. Basically, when we search for the sources we need, we type in specific keywords online such as “owl reading” or “Rubik’s cube” so that any images that we want will show up on the search. However, there are other sources that interfere with our search so in order to save time, we grab certain images that are relevant and presentable. Since our project is based on magazines, we viewed other magazines, both online and print, to get an idea or two on how they are structured. Our group created documents online to catalog everything we find so that we can use the information later. Another advantage using this method is that we can set who is in control of the information we gathered and since it is only us administrators, we do not have to worry about outsiders sabotaging our research. We only did online research since it is more reliable and faster than getting the actual print form of a magazine. Plus, we can search for more additional resources just in case we need more information.

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