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  • Citytech WiFi / Bradford dissolvable agent and bradford mobile app
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    Jailbroken phones cannot go on the school’s wireless internet. Bradford’s mobile application detects the jailbroken device and blocks access to the internet. Jailbreaking not illegal and students should not get penalized just because they choose to jailbreak their devices. Bradford claims that it is due to security issues, but the risk is small. If security is such a big issue, then Bradford can create two wireless networks that allows jailbroken devices access the internet and the other that doesn’t. Can we please change this? Can the college kindly ask Bradford to not to put this feature in their mobile application? Bradford should also make Android devices whether rooted or not access the internet too. Maybe it time to switch internet network security provider.
    We are the New York City College of TECHNOLOGY and technology is something that we are lacking in this college.

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