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    Ling Yang

    The Milgram experiment is the teacher(subject) gives shock to the learner when the learner answer the question wrong. The learner receives the real electric shock up to 450 volt.The experimenter orders teachers. When the teacher hears the screaming from the learner while the volt increases, some of them don’t stop because the experimenter says, ” the experiment requires that you continue.” The teachers continued to give shock to the learners after they are sure they are not responsible for that. Some of the subject feel nervous and begin uncomfortable laugh when they hear the screaming from learners. Most of the people give shock to the learner up to 450 volt. Through the Milgram experiment, it shows a lot of people will obey to experts when they listen to authority. People obey what the authoritative expert tell them what to do. Connect to the experiment, the subject know the learner can get hurt from the shock, but they still continue because of the order from Milgram. Other also do more than one replication of the Milgram’s experiment, the result is similar. People will hurt others according to the command from experts. Some of them believe they will not be responsible for what they do because it’s an experiment and it’s science.

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