Stories of Service

Emily Benites

Professor Robert

English 1101


My first impression of Victoria was that she looked friendly. But knowing myself, I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I was proven wrong when actually turned out to be a friendly. She’s from Brooklyn and her nationality is Puerto Rican. I asked her what languages she spoke and she said English. I asked her, “what about Spanish?” she responded with, “I only know a little bit of Spanish”, which was a bit surprising to me because most Puerto Ricans I know speak both English and Spanish fluently. Her hobbies are shopping and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite types of music are R&B and pop. She doesn’t play sports. She likes macaroni and cheese but I assume that this isn’t the food she liked.  She told me that she was a fan of many other types of food. She writes with her right hand. She doesn’t play any instruments. She has two brothers that are older than her and she’s the youngest of the siblings. She likes to read but she won’t read books just to read them. Her types of books have to be filled with drama or mystery.

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