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    Sobia Bashir

    What’s up Money?

    On a scale of 1-10, how are you? I’m guessing 10 since everyone needs you all the time and you’re pretty wanted.

    Money: known for evil, crime, manipulation, and even life. With or without you, people tend to never have enough of you.

    But, do I need you? And how badly? You’re someone I happen to have a weak relationship with, but it’s apparent nonetheless. Never really realized I needed you or had to work to have you, because that’s the household I grew up in. I was fortunate. I had my family to support me. But as I’m getting older and witnessing the trouble you cause, the actions you force to take due to lacking you, I refuse to respect you. I question your existence. However, if it wasn’t you, then something else would take your place. But your mere existence makes you irreplaceable now.

    Truth be told, I unintentionally need you, and in every aspect of my life. However, you don’t control me. I control you. You don’t get to overpower me, because I refuse to allow you to rule my values. My relationship with you is like that of a clear water stream and the land that surrounds it. I may need you to pave my path, and stay in place, but I am the ultimate decision maker. I can choose to flood you, or I can choose to flow as I wish. But you – you depend on me. Not the other way around.

    I want to tell you, although I work now to have enough of you, you’ll never pressure me to take any actions that’ll harm me or my own. You’re temporary today and you’ll stay temporary tomorrow. You’ve destroyed enough lives. Mine won’t be one or them.

    Sobia B.


    Stephanie Hernandez

    Dear Money,
    I am writing to you to express myself and let off some stuff off my chest. We have had an interesting life together. As a child you were always present in my life but we never interacted, you seemed to have a better relationship to my mother and the adults in my family. Your name came up often in their conversations. Kids in my life including myself always wanted to hold you but we only got to on special holidays or when you were gifted to us or if we lost a tooth and you were hidden under a pillow. As I got older we got closer, we interacted more.

    Unfortunately my mother never talked to me about how are interaction should happen or the kind of relationship we should have. I wonder if that is why we had a rough start. There was no balance or rules between us. Maybe it was because she also had never been taught by her mother and maybe because you weren’t very present throughout her life. With time I think the relationship I have with you and the relationship my mother has with you has become better. I know with time I will learn how to deal with you and where we stand.




    Dear Money,

    I am fine here. I hope you are also fine these days. It’s been long time I haven’t seen you face to face. I know you are angry with me that I do not work hard these days to get more and more of you. Yes, it’s true that I am staying away from you, but this is just for some more years. I remember those days when you left me when I was in need of you. I wanted to go to good college and good university when I was in my teen age. I wanted to enjoy this beautiful life but you left me alone and I had to compromise with the situation.

    You don’t feel pain and sorrow of human’s. You are heartless and emotionless. You want to stay with people who already have enough of you, but you stay hardly with poor and middle class like me. That is why I am staying away from you and trying to make my career and get some good skills. Because I know when I will have better skill and better education in life, I don’t have to go behind you, instead you will follow me and beg to stay with me. This is not my revenge for you, this is my love towards you, I don’t want to lose you again because it’s very hard to survive and manage things in life without you. So, please try to understand me and my feelings and let me progress in life so, that we will be happily together for the rest of life.

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