SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

Valentina Giraldo

Informative Speech outline


Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the 3 major ways that secondhand smoke affects society.

Central idea: the two ways in which society is affected by secondhand smoking are that it causes serious diseases in non smokers which are in many cases life threatening, people are exposed everywhere to this problem without them even knowing and children exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher rate of becoming smokers as adults.


  1. People who spend 2 hours in a room with people who are smoking tobacco cigarettes, the nonsmoker inhales the equivalent of four cigarettes.- environmental protection agency 2010.
  2. Today I will explain the two major ways in which society is affected by second hand smoking and what can be done about it.

-Knowing how you are affected by second hand smoking is very important because I am sure each one of you knows someone who smokes (family member, friend, coworker) it is your right to know how you are exposing yourself to life threatening diseases by being around this person.

3. I am well aware of this problem since I have adult family members who smoke around their kids and I am very concerned about this children’s health since they are starting to see the consequences.

4. the 3 major ways that second hand smoking affects society is first it is the cause to many serious diseases, even if you decide to be a non smoker you will be affected because smokers are everywhere and children who grow up around smokers have a higher tendency of becoming smokers too.


1.Why is secondhand smoke a problem?

-Causes cancer, according to U.S Environmental Protection Agency in June 2005 Secondhand smoke is classified as a “known human carcinogen” (cancer-causing agent).

-Secondhand smoke also causes other kinds of diseases and deaths

According to the American cancer society, 2010:

  • About 3,400 lung cancer deaths as a result of breathing secondhand smoke
  • 50,000 to 300,000 lung infections (such as pneumonia and bronchitis) in children younger than 18 months of age, which result in 7,500 to 15,000 hospitalizations annually
  • Increases in the number and severity of asthma attacks in about 200,000 to 1 million children who have asthma
  • Pregnant women exposed to secondhand smoke are also at increased risk of having low birth- weight babies.

2.where is secondhand smoke a problem?

-In the car

Smoking in your car can develop hazardous levels of smoke that can build up quickly. This can be especially harmful to children. American Cancer society, 2010.

-At home

According to the American Cancer Society 2010, making your house a smoke free place is the most important thing to keep your family healthy as mentioned before children are the ones most sensitive to secondhand smoke. This problems such as asthma, lung infections and ear infections can be serious and even life threatening. The strongest factor associated with exposure to SHS in women was having a smoking spouse


-Public places

According to a study done by a journal The Annals of African Medicine,2009, Of the 585 nonsmoking adults that completed the study, 39% had regular exposure to SHS; mostly, in public places.

Everyone is exposed to secondhand smoke in The street, restaurant and shopping centers.


3.Children who grow up around smoker are more likely to become addicted to smoking too.

According to the associated press 2005 Preschoolers pretending to shop for a Barbie doll’s social evening were more likely to choose cigarettes if their parents smoked, and wine or beer if their parents drank, a study found.

According to informed health online .org 2005,“Young people who do a lot of sports are less likely to smoke. Another important influential factor is the attitudes and smoking behavior of the people around them. Young people who start smoking often have friends, brothers, sisters or parents who smoke. The younger someone is when they start smoking, the harder it can be for them to quit later.”



To summarize I hope that you guys have a better idea of how secondhand smoking affects society in different ways. It leads to serious diseases, even if others decide not to smoke they will be affected because smokers are everywhere and being a secondhand smoker also influences adolescents to become smokers too.



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