SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

Type: Policy

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience about why they should help put a stop to bullying

Central Idea: I will be telling my audience how why bullying should be stopped, and what are ways to help end bullying.


Hello my name is Alyssa Hernandez and I have a question…. Have you or someone you know ever been bullied?

Many people are being bullied specifically teenagers. Many teens do not know how to handle bullies and sometimes take drastic measures to put a stop to it themselves.


Main Point #1:

A helpful way to put a stop to bullying is to talk to the person who is being bullied. Tell them its okay to speak up and not try to handle the situation themselves.

Main Point #2:

Start a group that helps people that are being bullied.

Main Point #3:



In the end I have discussed……… and I hope that you will help put a stop to bullying because bullying has gone on for way to long ……….


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