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My strengths are what make who I am. I am hardworking, patient, a good listener and helper. I remembered when I was young, I helped my younger sisters and brothers to clean and wrap their wound. I also remembered when my elementary teacher asked me what I want to be when I grow up. My answer was a nurse. A few years later, I graduated from high school and continue my education in Borough Manhattan Community College to approach my nursing education. For my associated degree, I had learned a lot of anatomy of the disease and human body. However, in New York City College of Technology bachelor science of nursing had given me a lot of opportunity to explore more than just caring in nursing. Nursing can be everywhere, from hospital settings to community settings. I learned that nursing is not just combine with physically but also with mentally and spiritually. I’m grateful that I had chosen to continue my education in nursing. It makes me open my eyes to a wider path. I will continue what I want to be and expand my knowledge.

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