Prof. James Wu_8:30_Eng1121_D399_Spring2020

A discourse community is a group of people who all have similar objectives. They all come together to contribute/discuss their own personal ideas. They also make a connection and ideas to guide each other reach their objective. In the book by Junot Diaz’s “Drown” , he discusses about two brothers who are spending their summer in the countries, both of the bothers don’t seem to have a friendly relationship with each other. When they are home because the older brother doesn’t require the younger brother when they are home because he has his friends to hang out with and listen to him. The older brother treats the younger brother like a friend, telling him all the stuff he would a friend. After analyzing  “Drown” my field of vision what a discourse community has transpose a bit. I understand that each person in a discourse community can contribute something to the conversation that will hopefully lead to achievement in finding the main purpose for the community in the first place. In the book “Drown” both of the brothers and the story share a common purpose that constantly changes throughout the story. In the beginning, the goal was to try not to get bored in which the older brother used the younger brother to help meet that goal. The younger brother has the same goal as the older brother so he listens to his story even if he doesn’t understand too much of what the older brother is saying. The older brother was now inviting the younger brother to be apart of his discourse community. Then as the story continues the brother’s original goal begins to shifts when they find out about Ysrael, the boy with the deformed face because a pig had eaten it when the boy was a baby. The brothers both become interested in the story and want to go and see Ysrael without his mask helping them further their agenda not to be bored. In the discourse community, that I’m apart of, I and my friends started to use words to refer to an experience that only we can relate to. In other discourse communities.

After all, a discourse community is a brief understanding that each person in a community can contribute and collect different information from each other.