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Please find included within this document the Mid-Term exam. This is an open book exam and is due completed by the end of the class today. Once you have emailed the completed exam to me you ar done for the day. I would hope that the test can be completed in the time left during our session.

You can take additional time on the first project if needed please completed the first project and email it to me no later than Wednesday noon.

I will upload a word doc for the Mid-Term via Open Lab as well.

Mid-Term Examination When you email your completed exam to me, please include your name and email address as well as a mobile number included on the exam you submit.


March 23, 2020


  • The oldest cave paintings, an early form of communication have been dated to be over how many years old (bold face or underline your answer)?


10,000 years old

35,000 years old

5 years old

30,00 years old


  • Johann Gutenberg is credit for the discovery of (bold face or underline your answer).


The process of paper making

Print production in the broad sense




  • Johann Gutenberg automated the existing 1400/1500’s print process – True or False – (bold face or underline your answer).


True                     False


  • Papyrus is made from – (bold face or underline your answer).


A combination of cotton, silk and wood

Reeds from the Nile River

Cows skin

Compressed sand



  • Name and briefly define the three print related industry segments.




  • Pre-Press is now known as – (bold face or underline your answer).



Post Digital


Desk Top Publishing



  • Select the correct color combination for (non-digital) 4-color print production (bold face or underline your answer).







  • Briefly explain and compare Vector and Raster files.




  • Explain and define the use of a lossless file.




  • Explain and define the use of a lossy file.




  • Explain what is a PDF file and include at least 3 uses of any type of a PDF?



  • The process of examining and ready to publish or print file is called – bold face or underline your answer)?





Getting it done


  • Name at least three mandatory elements of a PDF file.



  • What three components are needed to “see” color.


  • Should the print/printing industry be considered an essential business during the Corona Virus crisis? Based on your research today, provide an in-depth answer (citing links, articles, stats and other online support) supporting or not supporting the exemption to this industry segment.


  • Name and explain, define the four major printing processes. Include a much detail as possible.


Once you have completed and emailed me your Mid-Term exam you are done for today. I will have a video link up and running (hopefully) for next Monday. Feel free to reach out to me at any time over the next 3-months regarding this class.



Prof. Kubis