Production For Designers

First many thanks for attending yesterday, our first truly online session. Your comments regarding the session had been overwhelming positive, I have noted below the action items that are needed to address the two common negative comments made.

  1. For all future online session, please keep you mike on mute, if you wish to comment raise your hand and I acknowledge you and you can then put your mike on active and ask the question. Once you have asked the question and the answer has been provide switch your mike to mute. You can also ask a question via the chat function.
  2. For those that could not get online, you MUST solve this problem prior to next Monday. The process seems to be simple, sign onto the your Blackboard account, find and the course/online session, click on the session dated and then click on to open the session. It is your responsibility to attend these online sessions and your responsibility to understand and activate the correct use of Blackboard.
  3. I will resolve the sharing of screen links.
  4. Paper Assignment, The second part of next week’s session will begin the discussion of paper and substrates. I am asking that you find 3 to 6 samples of paper or substrates that are used in the print process. In as much detail as possible describe the source of the sample, color, texture, weight, use of the sample, take a guess as to what process was used to print the sample. Your sample selection can include ANY printed sample of any of the four main print process or related print process, do not include 3D printing samples. I suggest that you photograph each sample and if needed I will ask that you send the photo of the sample and the sample description to me.