Open Pedagogy on the OpenLab

Jody Rosen, Interested in students having a sense of a real audience

Bree, moving beyond the classroom–a broader audience

Andy McKinney, students can craft their online personae

Kamili Posey transparency in teaching and learning

Gwen Cohen Brown, space where people can post work and have an audience

Elaine Leinung helps students learn how they can communicate with one another

Aida Egues – using the OL for self-reflection

Karen Lundstrem – easy to have students create ePortfolios on the OpenLab

Maura Smale – interested in Open Pedagogy because it can make students feel like they are part of a broader community

Cinda Scott – very interested in laboratory curricular change (STEM) at the college

Natalia Sucre – students get excited about platform and are more engaged

Charlie Edwards –

Ian Beillin – Have found it to be the most exciting tool for teaching that I’ve ever used – both for instruction and teacher-student interaction

Anne Leonard -have observed that student’s comment has reached nice point of insight and maturity, nice to see voices develop

Jill Belli – broader audience, likes idea of ePortfolio,

Laura Westengard – help ease anxiety students have about writing, by using platform students are used to

Anna Matthews, had brand new students to college using the OPenLab, likes that it’s not boring like Blackboard, can bring personality into it through visual tools, planning to incorporate more group work

Jonas Reitz, has used OL for a few years, has fun thinking of OL assignments and what students come up; looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing through Open Pedagogy project

Katy Garnier, one of OL designers, also using for class, OpenLab is a lesson in what teaching students to do–graphic and online communication,