NYCCT Winter Show

Background information
Date of Show: February 6, 2013
Deadlines For Submission:
Dec 10 – All Student work from Winter 2012, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter 2013
Jan 1 – All Student work from Fall 2013 only


What is the Winter Show?
The Winter Show is an exhibition of student work from all areas of the Architectural Technology curriculum. [Including design, building tech, foundation, drawing, visual studies, sustainable tech courses, etc.] The show is open to all students of the arch tech department.

When are the deadlines for submitting my work?
Dec 10 – Student work from Winter 2012, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter 2013 is applicable.
Jan 1 – Only student work from Fall and Winter 2013 is applicable.

How do I submit my work?
In order to participate in the Winter Show, you must get in touch with any one of your professors and express that you would like to submit an entry to the exhibition. They will collect your submission digitally and pass it along to Exhibition Collections.

What is the Springtime Publication?
In conjuncture with the winter show, a spring time publication will be released which will include selected student work from the show, essays, as well as works from NYCCT’s faculty, and more.

Can I submit personal projects?
No, only work related to the school’s program, curriculum, and clubs will be accepted. No outside/personal work will be accepted.

Does the work I submit to the show need to be ready for final presentation?
No, student work that is to be submitted does not have to be totally polished and ready for final presentation. Students who are selected to exhibit their work will be asked to attend a workshop which will be geared toward getting their projects ready for the exhibition in terms of presentation (ex. graphics, layout, content selection, etc.) The workshops will be most likely scheduled for some time during the winter break.

Who will be attending the event?
Guest will include students and professors from other architecture programs (grad and undergrad), public figures, architects, designers, industry professionals, and many more.

How can I participate in helping with the setup/organization of the Winter Show event?
Meetings are held every week on Tuesdays at 3PM in room V308. Please feel free to stop by if you decide that you would like to offer a hand in participating and helping us organize this event. Or email us at

For more information email us at