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NYC for All
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Neighborhoods all over New York are being over run by gentrification, not only this unfair to the long term families and residents who lived there their whole lives, gentrification can be good but when it done properly and fairly.


This project was created by: yahya

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What Can We Do?

feel to free comment, question or bring bring up ideas of your owns on how we can create an more affordable New York and better city for all of us. this diccusion open to all day until may 7th after than a new diccusion with a different […] See MoreWhat Can We Do?

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The interviews

What kinds of changes to your neighborhood did you see? How has gentrification this affected your daily life? Has there been a positive or negative impact to the quality of life? If you could make things go back to the way they where would See MoreThe interviews

what can we do ?

The steps we can take slow down gentifrication   steps you can take now: help each other out in times of crisis support small businesses start fund raisers for lower income public schools                               See Morewhat can we do ?