NYC for All

The steps we can take slow down gentifrication


steps you can take now:

  • help each other out in times of crisis
  • support small businesses
  • start fund raisers for lower income public schools                                  
  • create more opportunity for scholorships for low income students


long term steps


Step One:Question our elected governing bodies why parks and public areas only get renovated and upgraded when the area around it is full of condos and brand new luxury buildings. why weren’t these Parks and these plubic amentiies don’t recive the upgrades and renovations until the area around it is full of  condo and other types of luxury buildings. after all it is tax dollars that pay  for these upgrades and rovations. So why didnt the the parks get these upgrades when it just was just the long term residents who lived there their whole lives? why only after luxury buildings go up and wealthier resident move in to the nieghborhood gets better parks, roads, city bikes, and other sorts of tax paid upgrades?

Step Two and three:Make sure that plubic housing is kept good conidation all year, as in residents don’t go a fews weeks without hot water or heating. as well demanding more rent controlled and affordable homes and apartments for every luxuxy building being built.

Step four: pass laws that limit how much poperty a bank or corrupation can own for self inesest, if for example chase bank wants to buy a empty lot to build there office building here that would be fine, because it benifts the communities and the ecomony with job opputunities. But on the other hand lets say chases want to build a luxury high rise on that lot it wouldn’t benifit the communitie as much because all that would happen is the the area around it becomes more expensisve and other landlord in the area increase the rent. there has be a balance here so we could really have the best of both worlds.

this a collective effort i’m looking foward to adding to these steps and improving these steps with your ideas , so be leaving diccusion open until on may 7th feel free comment, or ask questions or even voice your c0cerns about things you don’t agree with here. I Hope to post a updated version on these steps by may 10th with your guys inputs and improvements.