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    Juliet Coombs, RN

    The Brooklyn Historical Society, 128 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, September 24, 2013 at 1:30p.m.

    Today, my second visit to the Brooklyn Historical Society as it celebrates its 150th anniversary. It “is at a magical crossroads, where history meets the future”. The architectural design of the building is truly magnificent and reminded me of our past history and of those who have left their marks on society.
    The exhibits were located on the second floor. As my classmate Nahomi and I ascended the stairways to the second floor of this old building, the boarded stairways squeaked under our weight reminding me we are stepping into the past and comparing it to the present.
    The exhibit I found most interesting featured an individual named Gabriel Furman born in 1800-1854 was a lawyer, politician, New York State senator, and historian of early Brooklyn, New York. He wrote on geographical and historical events concerning the town of Brooklyn, on Long-Island in the 1824. His journals were fascinating and mesmerizing.
    As a nursing student I found the topic on the disease Cholera and the use of opium and addiction very interesting. It is very sad to read of a man so prominent and powerful is his time overcome by addiction and loneliness .Many people in our communities are suffering from drug addictions. We will explore the Cholera disease and the use of opium as it affects our communities today. I had a very interesting and eye opening visit. I was enthralled with the all the information I discovered.

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